IDN Conversion Tool

This conversion tool will convert an International Domain Name (IDN) or nameserver from any one of the following formats to the others:
  • Native Characters
    This is a string of native characters that have been registered with Registry IDN Testbed.
    Exp: 國際化域名.com
  • RACE Code
    This is a string of ASCII characters that have been registered in the Registry IDN Testbed.
  • Punycode
    Punycode is a simple and efficient ASCII-Compatible Encoding (ACE) designed for use with Internationalized Domain Names. It transforms a Unicode string into a string of characters allowed in hostname labels (ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens) and back again.
How to convert?
To convert an IDN or nameserver from native characters to Punycode Code version that is stored in the Registry Whois database:
  1. Type the domain name or nameserver name that you would like to check in the input field. You may key in domain in native character, RACE code or Punycode.
  2. Click on "convert" and the results page will show the Punycode encoding for that domain if you key in native character.
IMPORTANT: Before using the Conversion Tool, please make sure your browser has the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding enabled.
  1. How to enable Unicode (UTF-8) for Internet Explorer.
  2. How to enable Unicode (UTF-8) for Netscape.
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